The Service

Who We Are:

We are Eye Concern and are a family run home visiting opticians based in Southborough and we are contracted by the NHS to provide eye tests at home or wherever it is convenient for those patients for whom getting to a high street optician might prove difficult.

What We Do:

We offer a fully comprehensive eye test using modern equipment designed for the home setting.

We visit a wide range of patients from the elderly to the young, from those suffering from dementia to those with severe physical disabilities. As part of this we have undertaken specialised training to enable us to understand the nature and demands of a wide variety of conditions.

We very much bring the service to the patient and our equipment is very compact and portable and can be set up in the smallest of spaces.

About Our Service:

The eye tests themselves are just as you would expect to get in any high street practice but with the added benefit that we bring the sight test to the patient.

The eye tests are normally free under the NHS (and to whom we are contracted) for those that meet the necessary criteria i.e., of retirement age, or in receipt of certain benefits etc

The eye tests are conducted by qualified optometrists who have a considerable amount of high street and domiciliary practice behind them and you can therefore expect to receive a high standard of clinical care.

What We Also Do:

Along with the sight tests, we are also able to provide a wide range of frames to choose from. They range widely in both terms of styles as well as cost and for those patients in receipt of certain benefits such as Pension Credit Guarantee, Income Support etc., then the cost of the frames and lenses can also be free of charge under the NHS.

Another part of the service is the after care, which is free of charge and includes the delivery and fitting of the glasses to ensure that they look and feel comfortable. Also, the after care service includes dealing with any issues after the glasses have been delivered such as repairs and adjustments.


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