Eye Concern is an experienced family opticians offering an affordable local service.

We are contracted by the NHS to provide sight tests at home or wherever it is convenient for anyone who finds it difficult to get to a high street optician.

We very much bring the service to the patient and our equipment is very compact and portable and can be set up in the smallest of places.

The sight tests themselves are just as you would expect to get in any high street practice but with the added benefit that we bring the eye test to the patient.

Along with the sight tests, we are also able to provide a wide range of frames to choose from. They range widely in both terms of styles as well as cost.

Another part of the service is the after care, which is free of charge and includes the delivery and fitting of the spectacles to ensure that they look and feel comfortable. It also includes dealing with any issues after the spectacles have been delivered such as repairs and adjustments

FREE NHS sight tests are available for the majority of those who find it difficult to attend a high street practice unaccompanied.

*For eligible categories


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